Rifle ammo

Rifle ammo

The vast majority of bullets are constructed of a solid lead core with a copper covering (called a “jacket”) that contains the lead. Lead is used because it’s an extremely dense, yet cheap metal, making it perfect for giving projectiles their weight while keeping the overall size small. Copper is used because it’s strong enough to keep the softer lead from de-forming, but soft enough to allow the gun’s rifling to “grip” the bullet.

The copper jacket starts out as a cup, having been cut from a long sheet. Through a process called “drawing,” the cup is lengthened and shaped to fit the profile of the projectile they’re making. These cups will eventually end up as jackets for 5.56 NATO rounds.

However, while this process is very efficient, it’s extremely difficult to actually get the metal to encase the entire lead core without any gaps. To keep production costs down, bullet manufacturers usually leave one end of the projectile open. Which end is open – and how that’s done – determines the classification of the projectile.

Here are three 150 grain .308 caliber bullets (a “grain” is a unit of bullet weight). And while they look very similar, the way in which they were manufactured is very different. The first projectile on the left is a “full metal jacket” (FMJ) round with a solid copper point. The other two are an open tip and a soft point bullet respectively, with openings in the copper at the tips of the projectiles.

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223 5.56×45 Ammo 55gr FMJ Federal American Eagle (AE223BKX) 1000 Round Bulk Case


223 5.56×45 Ammo 55gr FMJ Federal American Eagle (XM193X) 500 Round Case


45-70 Government by Winchester 45-70 Govt, 300gr, Super-X Jacketed Hollow Point, (Per 20) [Winchester Ammo]


5.56×45 Ammo 55gr FMJ Wolf Gold Brass Case 1000 Round Case


Barnes Bullets 21520 223 55 TSX 20rds


Barnes Bullets 21531 30-06 150 TTSX BT 20rds


Barnes Bullets BB552X1 Vor-Tx Rifle Ammunition


Barnes Bullets VOR-TX 30-06 180GR TTSX BT 20rds


Barnes Bullets VOR-TX 300 Remington Ultra Magnum (RUM) 190 GR LRX Boat Tail 20 rds


Barnes Bullets Vor-Tx Rifle Ammunition Brass .30-06


Browning BXS Solid Expansion 180 Grain Nickel .300 WSM 20Rds


CCI Ammunition Varmint TNT Green Brass .17 HMR 16-Grain 50-Rounds HP