Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Patches – .22 to .270 – 500 pk.

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Uniformly woven, ultra absorbent cleaning patches. These patches are great for all firearms cleaning tasks and are pre-cut for caliber and gauge.

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1 review for Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Patches – .22 to .270 – 500 pk.

  1. MWK

    I’m not sure how to rate this as it is not exactly what I expected. Each patch is very thin–about the thickness of a single ply of tissue paper–and it seems to be made out of a synthetic material similar to a fabric softener sheet. Not being all that knowledgable about all the products out there, I was expecting a patch made out of cotton and about as thick as one or two sheets of paper towel.
    That said, the patches do a good job although I have to use two patches at a time to better scrub the barrel of the rifle I’m cleaning. On the plus side, being made of a synthetic material, the patches do not leave behind any lint.
    These patches are made in China.

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